Cyberotağ monitors the latest technologies in the
informatics and broadcast industry and works with
experienced industry professionals to put them into
practice in the broadcast industry. In this context,
activities are carried out to develop R&D-based
innovative technologies and applications.
In the Broadcast Industry
Our Priority Working Areas
  • Live broadcast technologies,
  • Live sports competition graphics and statistics applications,
  • Remote director applications,
  • Broadcast automation technologies,
  • IP TV broadcasting technologies,
  • 360 degree panoramic broadcast technologies,
In the Broadcast Projects
Technologies We Have
  • VR/AR
  • Image processing
  • Motion detection
  • Electronic design and production
  • Embedded software
  • Sensors
Design &
Cyberotağ, which includes engineers and designers who are experts in their fields, in the processes of designing and animating the screen graphics needed in live TV programs and sports competitions, and producing the software used to deliver the graphics live to the audience, provides graphics services using 100% original software and designs that it produces.
Original real-time TV graphics produced by Cyberotağ are broadcast by experienced operators in domestic and international broadcasts. The basic principle of Cyberotağ is to ensure that the technical equipment and spare units to be used during the broadcast and the broadcast to be made on-site are flawless.
According to the importance and difficulty of the live broadcast to be made, our software and design team also supports the operation.
News Ticker
Our news ticker application, which is one of the important elements of news broadcasting, has been prepared in such a way that it can be entered manually, either with data obtained automatically from a news source or manually. The application is designed in accordance with the corporate identity of the channel that will broadcast.
Live Score

The live score band, which is used to deliver the match results of sports competitions to the audience, can be arranged with criteria such as league, country and branch in line with the demands of the broadcaster and is presented with a unique design.

News screen layout

The news screen layout (L-screen), which is used to convey information and images such as news, broadcast stream, fixtures, and match results in different areas of the screen, is prepared with a unique design and software suitable for the needs and presented to the service of the broadcaster.

Cyberotağ Teknoloji A.Ş. is a company that was established to operate in the fields of system integration and software development, and continues to work primarily in the fields of health, sports and broadcast in the IT sector.
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